3 Indications You Need Window Replacement In Your Petaluma Home

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Home Improvement, Windows

New home construction in the Petaluma area typically includes energy efficient windows. This is true for both custom home construction as well as for housing developments where a contractor is building multiple homes for a developer.

Choosing energy efficient windows and doors for these new home construction projects is an important part of attracting buyers, and older homes can also benefit from homeowners choosing window replacement with these types of windows. Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the future, there are several signs to watch for that let you know your windows need to be replaced.

Increased Energy Bills

While there can be many causes of energy inefficiency in older homes, a major factor is incorrectly sealed and fitting windows. Additionally, older styles of windows may be single or double pane, but they do not have the insulation, UV protective surface and the reflective glass that helps to reduce heat buildup in the home during the day.

Increases in energy bills when other factors have not changed in the house can be a sign you need window replacement to the energy efficient and completely sealed new window options.

Moisture Around The Windows

If moisture is present around the window or on the window frame or sill, this is a sign of a familiar in the existing window. This can lead to problems with staining around the window or even the risk of mold developing between the window and the wall.

Windows Not Opening Or Closing Correctly

There is nothing more frustrating than windows in a Petaluma that are difficult or impossible to open or close. Older wooden windows can twist or buckle, as can aluminum or vinyl if the home foundation has shifted.

New window replacement can be provided that correctly installs the windows and provides quality windows that operate with ease, allowing for easy opening and closing.

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