Have a Local Locksmith in Suffolk County, NY Boost Home Security Before the Holidays

by | May 13, 2019 | Locksmith

Residential break-ins increase during holidays when burglars know many people will not be home all day or even for several days. Many neighbors are gone too, and those who are home have company distracting them from noticing would-be thieves trying to break in down the street. A Local Locksmith in Suffolk County NY can be part of a successful effort to prevent burglaries at these times of year.

Burglars may scout neighborhoods for a long time, gauging everyone’s comings and goings. If the potential amount they stand to gain is large enough, they might wait through a full holiday season and strike during the next one. That way, they have an excellent idea of which homes will be occupied during times like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Replacing Older Locks and Deadbolts

A Local Locksmith in Suffolk County NY can evaluate the security of the home and make sure there is no way anyone can easily get in. Many houses have older locks that are easily broken or picked. Even some deadbolts do not provide sufficient protection against a skilled burglar. Area residents tend to get complacent when they live in a safe neighborhood where most people don’t even bother to lock their doors much of the time.

Making Additional Improvements

In addition to making changes to locks, the homeowners should add motion-sensor lights around the building. Those lights don’t necessarily have to be on when somebody is home, but they are useful for making burglars think twice about trying to get into an empty house. Interior lights on a timer can also make a burglar pause.

One of the more difficult life experiences is to return home after a wonderful holiday season only to find that the home has been burglarized and many valuables stolen. One way to help prevent this is to schedule an appointment with a business such as Able Lock Shop. Having locks rekeyed or replaced and adding strong deadbolts to replace weaker ones and chain locks helps deter would-be thieves who don’t want to make a lot of noise trying to break in. Contact details can be found at website. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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