Ridding your home of Bats

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Pest Control

You don’t have to live in an older home to a problem with bats; they are just as attracted to a new home. Bats have needs; they look for roosting spaces that are quite spacious, relatively close to a source of insect life and are accessible through cracks and gaps in the house.

That is the perfect definition of a typical residential home in the suburbs. As a homeowner there are ways to determine if you have a problem, the key signs that you should engage a company proficient in bat removal in Wood Bridge VA are:

  • Noises: At dusk and again at dawn you may hear squeaking and scratching noises coming from the attic. Bats are nocturnal, hearing noises at dawn and dusk will eliminate squirrels or birds as being the source.
  • Stains: Dirt will accumulate at the entry and exit point, white streaks around these points is bat urine.
  • Guano: Bat droppings are similar to rodent droppings but the material has tiny flecks from the ingestion of insect wings. Guano will accumulate under the roost.

Bat removal:

If you believe you have proof of bat infestation it is important that you undertake bat removal quickly. As bats carry diseases such as rabies, it is important that you, as the homeowner, turn the removal process over to professionals. Not only are bats dangerous to handle, there are different species and each require different elimination procedures.

What to expect from a professional exterminator:

With in-depth knowledge of bats, professional exterminators will first identify the species and then determine the appropriate way to rid the house of them.

Although bat infestation is problematic, bats are an important part of the eco-system. Three bat species in the state of Virginia are protected; those involved in bat removal in Wood Bridge VA will rid your home of bats using humane approaches.

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