When you walk into your kitchen or dining room, one of the first things that you probably notice is the table. This is where your family gathers to enjoy meals and talk about the events of the day. Choosing a dining table can be a bit easier with a few simple tips.

Bigger Sizes

It’s important to measure the area where you plan to put your table, but if you don’t have time to measure, consider looking at dining tables in Connecticut that are a little bigger than what you think that you might need. When you gather with friends or have a large meal with your family, you’ll have enough space for food and plates instead of trying to find somewhere else for people to sit.


When you walk around your table, there should be about three feet of clearance. This allows for moving chairs around and walking past other people at the table. This distance can also keep chairs from scraping against the walls.

Round Designs

If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, then consider round designs when you’re looking at dining tables in Connecticut. They usually don’t take up as much space and can usually be placed just about anywhere, especially if you only have a small corner area in the dining room or kitchen. You’ll also find that many round tables come in more sizes compared to those that are square or rectangular in design, making it even easier to find a table that you’ll enjoy.

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