The primary goal of fruit trees is for them to produce fruit once they’ve bloomed. Some fruit trees require a minimum of two or three years before they’ll produce fruit while others can start producing immediately. Doing this yourself isn’t impossible, but it can be tedious, especially because the best time for pruning is during the fall/winter season. It can be cold and wet, making it tough to get out there and prune. Just remember that only pear and apple trees should be pruned in the winter months. Other trees have different timing.

Hire Someone

It may seem like you’re cheating your home and yourself by hiring a professional to do the pruning for you. After all, you’ve probably got the equipment and know what to do. However, professionals, such as American Tree Surgeons, Inc., will be able to determine the best time for tree pruning in Middleburg FL, so you reap all the benefits.

Why It Works

Tree Pruning is where you remove some of the branches of the tree or clip them back considerably. The point is that most fruit-bearing trees will produce their fruits from the smaller branches, also called spurs. As the branches grow longer, the fruit will stop being produced over time. Therefore, it’s best to keep some, not all, of the branches relatively thin and short, so you always have an abundance of fruit.

However, pruning also works to remove the dead, diseased, or damaged branches from the tree. It may not seem important, but it can affect how the tree grows, what it produces and how frequently. For example, one diseased branch near a spur could infect the spur branch. A dead branch could fall and damage other branches. It’s necessary to remove as much risk as possible, so you get a better crop later. For more details, contact American Tree Surgeons, Inc.

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