Here Are Some of the Advantages of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Home Improvement

Most homeowners can instantly envision what the addition of a bright and beautiful sunroom can do for their dwelling. It’s not just a way to expand living space. A sunroom adds a quality and character that only the beauty of sun and nature can deliver. It may be the ultimate interior decorating coup.


Adding a sunroom is not necessarily expensive. Sunrooms cost less on average than adding a traditional room or extension to a home. A low-end addition might come in at $10,000. More ambitious sunroom configurations might run $70,000. Prices vary highly by region and a range of other factors, of course. Residents of Bakersfield might conduct an internet search on sunrooms in Bakersfield to get a good idea of local pricing.

Comfort, Amenities, Upgrades

A sunroom doesn’t mean you rough it or give up the comfort of an indoor room. For example, sunrooms can be constructed with full HVAC and have all the basic electricity installations any traditional room in your home might have.

Energy Friendly

Advances in window technology mean that sunrooms can be as energy efficient as a traditional room. Furthermore, sunrooms can leverage passive solar energy to easily reduce overall heating bills. Because sunrooms also reduce a lot of in-out traffic in a home, it tends to reduce both cooling and heating costs.

Increased Home Value

Adding a sunroom is among the best ways to dramatically increase the total value of a home. In fact, the average return on investment is 60 percent. That’s why installing sunrooms in Bakersfield has been identified by industry consultants as among the top strategies for increasing home value for people planning to sell soon.


Finally, remember that sunrooms can be more than a lounging area. They can be constructed to function as everything from kitchens to office space. Some people even like them for bedrooms.

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