Planning For Solar Panel Installation In Rancho Cordova

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Home Improvement

Homeowners in Rancho Cordova can take advantage of state and federal incentives and tax credits to reduce the cost of adding solar panels to their home. Of course, there are additional benefits as well including reduced or eliminated energy bills and no need to worry about power outages throughout the year.

Working with an experienced home improvement company offering solar panel installation provides a safe, efficient and professional job. Some of the best companies, like Northwest Exteriors, have been working on solar panels since they first were on the market, giving them years of expertise.

If you are making the smart decision to add solar panels, here is a general guide of what to expect.

Initial Meeting

The company completing the solar panel installation should come to your home and meet with you, determining the number of panels as well as the number of other materials needed for the job. At this meeting, the representative can also provide a clear estimate of the time the installation process should take. In the event of weather issues, this time may need to be extended.

Installation Day

On the day scheduled for your solar panel installation, the crew should arrive on time. There are typically three to five people, and occasionally a larger crew based on the size of the home.

The team will access the electrical panel and also cover or move any items from the area where they are working. Depending on the size of the home and roof type, ladders or scaffolding is used to access the roof.

Next, metal rails are screwed to the roof. The rails are secured in place before any panels are mounted to the frame. Usually, the electrical team also being connecting the components to transfer the energy from the panels through a converter and into your home.

The last step is to mount the panels to the rail on your Rancho Cordova home. Finally, a full test is completed before the crew leaves, ensuring everything is in working order.

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