It is exciting to have new flooring installed. It can, however, be can be a little stressful to have your home torn up for the installation. When you prepare ahead of time, the process can be much easier. Take the time to clear the rooms and decide what to do with your kids and pets during the installation process.

Before the Installation

When you are working with hardwood installation services in Wilton, CT, you may be told how to get the home ready. You must clear all the furniture from the room so there is a clear working space. If the entire home is getting new floors, you may have to move the furniture to one area and then switch it out when it is time for the next part. You may also be able to put things in your garage or bathrooms. There is sure to be a lot of noise, as well. Small children and pets may need to be removed for the day. Those that specialize in hardwood installation services can help you prepare for the big day.


Financing is a big part of getting new flooring. You may need to take out a home improvement loan to get the job done. Some people also save up over time to pay for the job all at once. Most flooring installations also include demolition of the old floor. Check with your chosen hardwood installation services to make sure this is an option. Some companies may also offer in-house financing for your new floors. American Floor Service can help you get started.

Proper preparation can help you have a positive floor installation experience. It can be difficult to pack up your things; however, the result is worth it. Most installations only take a few days, as well.

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