Learning When You Can Fix Problems With Garage Door Openers In Phoenix, AZ

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Garage Door

What happens when a person pulls into their driveway after a long day at work and finds out their garage door won’t open? Should they panic and assume they need an expensive repair? What they should do is remain calm and try to figure out what’s going on. The problem might not be that serious.

Inspecting The Door

Although it’s true that Garage Door Openers Phoenix AZ can break, a garage door might not be responding for other reasons other than a problem with the opener. A homeowner should close the garage door and use the emergency release cord to see if the door opens. If the door doesn’t respond, there is a problem with the door itself. It could be the tracks or rollers. The springs can be an issue too. The best course of action with those types of problems is to call the Neighborhood Garage Door Service for help.

The Opener Is The Problem

People who find out that their Garage Door Openers Phoenix AZ are not working need to check their backup opener. If the backup opener also doesn’t work, there is something wrong with the automatic unit. If the backup opener does work, the main opener might just have to be replaced. Visit online to find out how to arrange for service.

Sensor Issues

Automatic garage doors have sensors that are positioned at the lower part of the garage. These sensors are meant to ensure safety. If something is positioned in such a way that the sensors detect it, the garage won’t come down. Sensors can break just like other parts of a garage door. A homeowner shouldn’t assume their sensors are broken. Repositioning and cleaning them might help. Only when that fails should they contact a professional for some help. A professional can fix a sensor issue in no time at all.

A homeowner can learn from experience. A property owner might not be able to fix their door’s problem the first time that they try but, over time, solving certain issues might get easier for them. Until that time, they can rely on contractors for help. Contact Neighborhood Garage Door Service for more information.

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