Garage door springs seem like such trivial things and don’t turn up much in daily life, even with the high cycle rates garage doors experience per day. But if a spring breaks and the car’s inside, it can put anyone in the lurch when trying to get to an appointment, a meeting or a social gathering or event. Broken doors also present a hazard and compromise home safety by being left open.

Types of Springs

Doors typically have torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs sit on a metal rod across the top of the door and are loaded with a twisting action. When the door closes, the spring twists tighter. When the door opens, it’s helped by the power of the unwinding spring.

Extension springs are mounted above the horizontal tracks and work by stretching out linearly. These should have a safety cable as well to prevent a dangerous door drop if a spring breaks.

Warning Signs of Failing Springs

Garage door spring repair in New Port Richey, FL, is probably necessary if a door shows signs of failing springs.

If a door starts to feel heavy to open, the spring probably is wearing out. Doors typically weigh around 200 pounds but should take not much more than ten pounds of force to push up.

Springs that have lost resiliency put a heavy strain on garage door openers. If the door opener begins to sound like it’s overworked, that’s a sign of a failing spring.

Safety Concerns

Disconnecting a door by emergency release should never happen in the event of a failed spring. It can result in an extremely dangerous dropping door. Open doors with failed springs are also dangerous as they’re prone to mistakes or accidents.

Call an Experienced Garage Door Specialist

A certified master technician who’s available 24/7 at 24 hours a day can make a garage door spring repair in New Port Richey, FL, in a short amount of time. They also arrive with completely stocked service trucks, so jobs can get done in one visit and get things back to normal. For fast service, contact Business Name or visit to get a safe, secure and working door today!

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