You Need a Storm-Ready Garage Door For Your Home in Riverview, FL

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Garage Door

Whether you need to replace an existing garage door or need one for new construction, there is a lot to consider, especially in Florida. Garage door sales in Riverview, FL, must consider our unique weather. Our state is extremely prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, which means you need to make sure your garage door can withstand this potential onslaught.

Due to their size, garage doors are more prone to wind damage than smaller entry doors. Likewise, entry doors are usually made of solid wood, which is more resistant to damage than a broad expanse of sheet metal.

In order to withstand high winds, a garage door needs to have heavier gauge tracking, additional bracing and other features to keep the door in place under extremely windy conditions. If you’re looking for a new garage door, look for ones that are “storm ready.” These will have a passive reinforcement system, which means there will be nothing to set-up before a storm hits. The reinforcement in a passive system is built into the structure of the door. It automatically engages when you lock the door, so you’re always prepared.

Before purchasing a new storm-ready garage door, be sure to ask if the cost includes installation. Most often, it will. Also, consider an automatic garage door opener; in the event of a storm, you want to enter your garage and lock it down as quickly as possible.

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